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Spa Moab Utah

Our spa in Moab, Utah has a simple approach to bring nature into your spa experience. Both peaceful and inspiring, it’s the perfect complement to your high-energy ranch activities. Enjoy a tranquil Utah spa getaway with us at Sorrel. Please note our Spa is open seasonally.

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    Sorrel River Ranch Custom Massage

    After a busy day on The Ranch or exploring the national parks surrounding us, this is the perfect massage to relax and rejuvenate your body. Whether your muscles need easing, mood needs boosting, or the mind needs calming - this customized Swedish style massage will deliver what your body and spirit require. Elevates and promotes relaxation, improves circulation and reduces stress. Choose from 50, 80 or 100 minutes.

    Melting Horse River Stone Massage

    Hot Stone massage is extremely therapeutic and promotes a deep sense of relaxation. We use smooth river stones for a continuous and steady flow of heat to ease sore muscles and calm the senses. Let all of your tension and anxiety melt away in the warmth of the stones. Available for 50 or 80 minutes.

    Deep Tissue Massage

    Providing firm pressure applied to tight stiff muscles, this massage relieves stress and tension, stimulates energy, and enhances the natural flow of blood supply to the muscles. Deep tissue massage is therapeutic and energizing as well as relaxing. Available for 50 or 80 minutes.

    Prenatal Massage

    A wonderful and healthy choice during pregnancy to relieve swelling, headache, backache, leg cramps, stiff neck, stress, tension, anxiety and depression. Promotes Available for 50 or 80 minutes.

    Couples Massage - One of our most popular

    Spend time indulging together with the massage therapy of your choice in our private couple’s suite. Choose from the Custom, Deep Tissue or River Stone Massages. Available for 50 or 80 minutes.

    Shirodhara Massage

    An authentic mind/body experience you won't soon forget.The treatment begins with warm oil slowly poured on the “third eye” just between and above the eyebrows. The sensation of warmth sends you into a calm and peaceful state. Relieving fatigue and anxiety, this 5000 year old Ayurvedic therapy is thought to help relieve disorders affecting the head, neck and nervous system. Combined with a soothing full body massage, you will feel a deep sense of tranquility. Choose from 50, 80 or 100 minutes.

    Express Massage

    Short on time, but not short on tension? Enjoy a focused massage on the neck, back and shoulders. We will get you in and out so you can experience the natural splendor of the area. 25 minutes.


    CranioSacral Healing

    This gentle and noninvasive therapy uses very light pressure and a series of holds to work the bones in the head, spinal column, and sacrum to release compression in those areas to restore balance. A very quiet, slow and relaxing treatment. Available for 50 or 80 minutes.

    Sorrel River Ultimate Quench

    This treatment begins with a Himalayan pink salt bath infused with vetiver and rose-geranium oils. The bath is followed by a luxurious body scrub then a relaxing massage. The treatment ends with a tension releasing scalp and neck massage. The result is your body feeling rejuvenated and soul feeling uplifted and revitalized. 100 minutes.

    Body Polish

    Experience the refreshing and luxurious body scrub that will leave your skin radiant and smooth. The oils in both the body scrub and massage oil were carefully selected to awaken both inner and outer beauty. Available for 50 or 80 minutes.

    Hikers Foot Relief

    Enjoy a revitalizing foot scrub followed by foot massage to refresh your tired feet. Treatment concludes with both feet wrapped in warm towels. Perfect after a day of hiking. 25 minutes.


    Sorrel River Ranch Custom Facial

    Enjoy our fully customized facial that leaves your skin revitalized and nourished. In addition to pure and potent botanicals, this treatment features a cold stone eye treatment as well. This is considered the “greatest hits” facial with the best performing products bundled into a singular rejuvenating experience. Available for 50 or 80 minutes.

    Calming Facial

    For the guest with sensitive skin. This facial is specifically designed for sensitive or allergy-prone skin. The products chosen for this treatment help reduce redness while targeting fine lines, skin damage and inflammation. Available for 50 or 80 minutes.

    Purifying Facial

    Our most popular facial for men. This treatment focuses on deep cleansing and skin purification. The deep cleansing scrub and purifying tonic will help eliminate redness and blemishes, while a clearing serum will help tone and clear skin naturally. Available for 50 or 80 minutes.


    Choose from several enhancements that can be added to any applicable treatment.

    Ayurvedic OIl

    Choose from three specially blended Ayurvedic herbal oils designed to Sooth (Vata), Energize (Kapha), or Calm (Pitta).

    Seasonal Foot Scrub

    Include a refreshing foot scrub with your treatment to re-energize.

    Warm Hair and Scalp Treatment

    Treat yourself to a soothing hair and scalp treatment. The oil restores luster and shine leaving your hair manageable and your scalp tension free.

    CBD Enhancement

    Sorrel River Ranch is proud to carry CBD Care Garden at The Spa, the leading natural anti-inflammatory currently on the market. CBD helps support a healthy immune system, elevates the mood, encourages restorative sleep and can help control inflammation. CBD also assists in reducing stress and promotes a clear and focused mind. We are very happy to introduce the healing properties of this product to our guests. Available as a Focused Area Treatment or with a Full body massage.



    Fitness Center

    Fitness to fit your schedule. Our fitness center is open 24/7 with cardio and weight equipment to help you get moving when you want.

    Yoga Classes

    We offer sessions for yoga based on the season. Call to inquire about our yoga experiences. Namaste.

    Complimentary Morning Guided Hike

    Get the day started off right with a hike to the top of Sorrel Ridge. Gain new perspectives of the ranch and surrounding splendor while preparing yourself for a day of appreciation. Enjoy conversation with other guests or one of the Ranch managers as they guide you to the top of a riverside bluff perched 400 ft. above the Ranch. Learn about the property and be rewarded with a stunning view of the La Sal Mountains