Junior Adventures

Fun for your little ones!


Families with children love visiting our petting zoo! Meet the animals, spend time with them, and learn about them.

  • Complimentary | Approximately 30 minutes


Learn to be a Wrangler! In our Junior Wrangler Program, kids learn the ins and outs of Ranch work. This includes feeding and watering, collecting eggs from the chickens, and caring for the horses, ponies, goats, chickens, and rabbits. This experience lasts approximately 2 hours and creates lifelong memories for all participating.

  • $250 | 2 hours | 5 years & older
  • $450 | 4 hours | 5 years & older | Includes Garden Experience


This ride is designed for our young riders to help build confidence. One of our experienced riders will guide a pony with your child as a rider around the ranch. Throughout the ride, our wranglers will give your child helpful suggestions for being a better rider.

  • $50 | 30 minutes | 4 years & older


Tour our beautiful property while being pulled in a cart by one of our Sorrel River ponies. This is an
experience that is sure to make your child smile.

  • $125 | 30 minutes | 4 years & older

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