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Moab hiking can be done year round, and we have some of the best hiking in America.

If you are looking to get physically, mentally, and emotionally energized and escape from daily stresses, Sorrel River Ranch is an ideal wellness retreat where hiking trails abound so you can enjoy the beauty and serenity of nature.

Moab hiking can be done year round, and we have some of the best hiking in America. From exceptional hikes in Canyonlands, Arches National Parks, or nearby State parks and recreational areas, our prime location offers Utah hiking at its very best. And although winter can be a little icy at times and one has to be a bit more careful, it offers more comfortable mid-day temperatures. Plus you’ll enjoy easy access to our National Parks, which are wonderful during the winter months and allow you to enjoy hundreds of the best hiking trails without the summertime crowds.

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  • Guided Park Tours

    Island in the sky

    Time: 6.5 hours

    Enjoy this scenic tour with one of our amazing guides, and experience one of our favorite national parks. Canyonlands, Island in the Sky. It’s named so because it sits atop a large mesa 1000 feet above the canyon floor. Island in the Sky is a large and level mesa, and access to it is provided by a narrow section of rock know as the Neck. Eventually, the Neck will erode away completely, leaving the mesa isolated. So make sure to put this on your bucket list during your stay at Sorrel. This is a longer tour, and consists mainly of scenic driving with many options of short hikes to epic views 1000 feet above the Canyonlands National Park. One of the offered hike’s is the famous Mesa Arch. This arch sits perfectly in position for the sun to rise through the center of it. We look forward to giving you the scenic drive of a lifetime.

    Arches National Park

    Time: 5 hours

    Let our guide’s give you the best way to experience arches national park in just half a day. This breathtaking drive takes you directly into the heart of Grand County and all of it’s one of a kind geographical beauty. You’ll be able to enjoy short hike’s and amazing views of all the iconic stops in just one day. This tour will allow you to see; Balanced Rock, The Window’s Section, Delicate Arch, Fiery Furnace and Salt Flats, Sand Dune Arch, Skyline Arch, and Devil’s Garden. Don’t miss out on a once in a lifetime experience.

    Guided Hikes

    Fisher Towers

    Distance 4.4 miles, Time: 3.5 hours, Rating: Moderate

    Fisher Towers are a series of towers made of Cutler sandstone capped with Moenkopi sandstone and caked with a stucco of red mud. The Towers are named after a miner who lived near them in the 1880’s. Fischer Towers are isolated remnants of a 225 million year old floodplain deposit of the Uncompahgre highland in Colorado. When the Colorado plateau was uplifted, salt deposits underlying this region buckled, warped and collapsed. Leaving you with the hike of a lifetime. Fisher towers is a 4.4 mile out and back moderate hike, that transports you into what looks like red rock mid-evil castle towers. Moab is well known for bizarre geologic formations and Fisher Towers are some of the strangest and most unusual. Our local guides would love to take you and your family on one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing hikes in the world.

    Mary Jane

    Distance: 8.4 miles, Time 3.5 hours, Rating: Easy

    This hike is a staff favorite. With the trailhead parking lot being only 3 miles from the

    ranch, it makes for a hike that doesn’t take long to get to. Mary Jane is a rare slot canyon hike that ends at a waterfall. This trail is an 8.4 mile out and back trail and is generally considered an easy route, just a little longer in distance than our private hikes that are provided on the ranch. There is a permanent stream flowing, so water friendly hiking shoes are highly recommended. *these can be purchased in our adventure center building just next to the main lodge. This stream that you criss-cross up throughout the slot canyon is called Professor Creek. It’s a small stream that joins the Colorado River just north of the ranch. The slot canyon gets most interesting about 3 miles in, when the towering walls are only 10 feet apart. Once you reach the end there is a large boulder, 15 feet high, with a waterfall flowing over the top.

    Grandstaff Canyon

    Distance: 5.7 miles, Time: 3 hours, Rating: Easy

    Named after the first African American cowboy in the Grand County area, William Grandstaff ran cattle in the area in the 1870’s. Located 14 miles from the ranch and on the way toward the town of Moab. It is a 5.7 mile out and back moderate hike that winds through the Grandstaff Canyon, back and forth through stream crossings while finishing with a breathtaking view of Morning Glory Natural Bridge. Morning Glory Natural Bridge has a span of 243 feet and is the 6th largest rock span in the United States.

  • Best Trails

    Take a look at Moab’s best hiking trails.

    Grandstaff Hiking Trail (Bill Canyon) to Morning Glory Arch:

    Part of the Colorado River watershed, Grandstaff Canyon’s stream flows directly into the main channel of the Colorado River within Moab Canyon. This is a relatively easy trail for the most part, but in the middle section there are some stream crossings so you might get your feet wet if you are too busy looking up at the majestic scenery. It’s also a dog-friendly trail, however you furry friends do need to be kept on a leash. The out-and-back hiking-only trail winds through the canyon along a beautiful stream to Morning Glory Natural Bridge, the sixth largest natural bridge in the United States.

    Fisher Towers Trail:

    A fun family hike, although moderately difficult in a few spots, and dog friendly as well (but please keep your pet on a leash throughout the hike). The trail wanders through the other-worldly geological formations of Fisher Towers, and each step of the trail offers exceptional views. One note is that there is a small ladder you must be able to climb to finish the trail (which may be a challenge for older dogs). The trailhead has a great picnic spot with a barbecue grill area, and is only about 15 minutes from our Resort.

    Mary Jane Canyon Trail:

    This dramatic hiking trail is 8.7 miles, and at one point the canyon soars above you by 200 feet within a 10 foot wide stretch. This is also a pretty flat and gentle hike, with little change in elevation. It’s one of the best Moab trails during the hot summer months in Utah too, since the trail follows the canyon stream for about 5 miles, ending at a beautiful double-spouted waterfall. And trust us – standing under a refreshing shower is a true joy on a hot summer day.

    Rubik’s Cube:

    This trail follows the Stearns Creek Wash from Sorrel River Ranch to the hills southeast. Be sure to look for the ancient petroglyphs that the ancestral Puebloans carved some 800 years ago.

    Sorrel Ridge:

    Open only to guests of Sorrel River Ranch, this is an excellent way to start the day. This hike is complimentary at regularly scheduled times and lead by members of our team (our General Manager frequently leads the hike, and is a wonderful authority on the history, geology, and flora). At the peak, you will enjoy 360-degree views of the Colorado River Corridor and the surrounding mesas and canyons.

  • Tips

    At Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa, we take great pride in creating customized experiences for all of our guests – including group outings and events as well as corporate retreat team building.

    Hiking is not only a fantastic way to explore the natural beauty that surrounds our ranch, but also is a great way to reconnect, revitalize, and melt away the stresses of day to day life.

    Hiking in the desert however, does require some planning – particularly when you are hiking at elevations over 6,000 feet above sea level. Thinner air, high summer temperatures, and dry climate make preparation an important part of assuring a great outing.

    When you visit, enjoy the comfort of knowing that our experienced team can help you plan the right time of day, route, clothing choice, and what to bring with you for a perfect adventure.

  • Essentials

    The park has something for every level of hiker from Easy to Hard, and short to full-day hikes. Many of the trails take you to scenic vistas and right up to arches and features that can’t be seen from the road. Top trails you can explore include (rated E for Easy, I for Intermediate and H for Hard): Mesa Arch Trail (E), Corona and Bowtie Arch Trail (M), Grand View Point Overlook (E), False Kiva Trail (M), Chesler Park Loop Trail (M), Shafer Trail (E), Upheaval Dome Tril (M), and Syncline Loop Trail (H).

    The park is open 24 hours a day, with both Island in the Sky and The Needles Visitors centers are open daily between March and early December. Trip planning, toilets, self- registering for back country permits are available in both locations when the centers are closed. Water is only available at The Needles, bring your own when visiting Island in the sky and the Maze.

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