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Explore the vast, remote, and rugged canyons of the Utah Mountains by Canyoneering, high Moab adventure and stunning scenery.

The nearby Utah Mountains and landscapes are full of incredible slot canyons created by the erosive forces of rivers, wind, and streams.

Many of them are so narrow that adventurers can nearly touch both sides of the canyon walls with outstretched arms. We offer a variety of canyoneering tours into these off-the-beaten-paths of the National Parks, as well as State and Local recreational areas surrounding our resort. Some canyons are easy to descend and require no special skills at all; others require wilderness-level planning and training and offer immense physical and mental challenges. Whatever your state of readiness, there is a canyon with exceptional rock climbing and canyoneering awaiting you.

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  • Popular Trips

    It’s difficult to choose a favorite climbing and rappelling adventure with so many options, but here are a few samples of trips that we offer here through the Ranch:

    Entrajo Canyon – Chamisa Canyon:

    Chamisa Canyon is named for the shrubs lining the trails (also called Rabitbrush), and is a somewhat tight canyon which offers lots of opportunities to get refreshed by the plentiful streams and pools along the hike. This canyoneering adventure is perfect for beginners and is also very close to Moab. Although not highly challenging from a technical standpoint, the terrain is varied with beautiful scenery, and the area is easy to access. The trip includes hiking, 2 rappels (15’, 80’), rope-assisted down climbs, as well as wading and swimming.

    Morning Glory – Ephedra’s Grotto:

    The starting point of this rock climbing adventure is very close to the Ranch, and is perfect for beginners or even experienced climbers wanting a great half-day climb close to Moab. With wonderful contrasts ranging from rock washes to ancient and petrified sand dunes, a cool spring-fed stream, and an exciting decent into hidden chasm which brings you to the top of Morning Glory arch, this trip Includes downhill hiking, and two rappels (95’, 120’). No previous canyoneering experience is required for this adventure.

    Rockaneering Adventure:

    Rockaneering combines all the best elements of rock climbing, canyoneering and mountaineering into one exceptionally fun and exciting activity! Offering a unique vantage point to look out onto the stunning landscape and sweeping vistas, Rockaneering trips offer a variety of experiences such as climbing, rappelling, exploring the fins of rock formations, and winding through sections of slot canyons. Along the way, your guide provides a fun, engaging and educational experience for people of all ages and skill levels.

  • Tips

    Enjoying a Canyoneering or Rock Climbing tour is often a matter of making sure that you are prepared for a variety of terrain and climate changes. Here are some packing tips to help you get the most out of your excursion:

    Good shoes are a must, and you’ll want to be sure to bring running or light weight hiking shoes that have a soft, flexible sole.

    Along the trails, there’s plenty of red rock and often water along the way, so be sure you are open to getting your shoes a bit dirty or wet, and open-toed shoes or sandals are not recommended.

    Clothing should always be loose fitting, light weight, and provide you with a free range of motion – with long sleeves often a good choice for protection from the brilliant Utah sunshine.

  • Essentials

    At Sorrel River Ranch adventures are offered only with highly experienced guides who make your safety their number one priority.

    Our guides will be sure to carefully evaluate your skills and abilities to make sure that you have a fun, exciting, but completely safe experience. They’ll also be there to help you all along the way, just in case you need a little encouragement to try new experiences. All of our adventures provide for the essentials, but it’s always a good idea to be sure that you have the following with you for your trip: Sunscreen, lip balm, a brimmed hat, light long-sleeve shirt (for sun protection), camera, extra snacks if you get really hungry, are a growing teenager, or have dietary restrictions or allergies.

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