Great things come in Sorrel Spa packages. Our luxurious and relaxing Moab spa treatments provide a beautiful balance to the adventurous side of ranch life. We customize services to your specific needs and preferences so you enjoy an elevated experience with a restored sense of wellness.

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Wellness Guide

Massage Therapy

Custom Massage

Your therapist will consult with you to provide a custom balance of light strokes or firm pressure to ease fatigue
and stress, increase circulation, and calm the body and mind. This is your “me time” to stay awhile, unwind, and totally relax.

Melting Horse River Stone Massage

Hot stones promote deep muscle relaxation. You will feel the amazing sensation of melting into a whole new dimension of deep relaxation. You can also choose to experience the contrast of cold stones to reduce inflammation.

PUSH Therapy

Prepare to be surprised! This deep and specific therapeutic treatment applied to areas of chronic tension and pain brings longer lasting pain relief and balance to the body. Relieves dysfunction from past injuries, chronic tension, or overuse. More effective than deep tissue.

Prenatal Massage

A wonderful and healthy choice during pregnancy to relieve edema (swelling), headache, backache, leg cramps,
stiff neck, stress, tension, anxiety, and depression. Promotes an overall feeling of relaxation and wellbeing. Optional: Specially formulated body butter to relieve stretch marks.

Signature and Energy Treatments

CranioSacral Healing

Relieves compression in bones of head, sacrum, and spinal column so that cerebrospinal fluid in central nervous system can be balanced. This enhances the body’s ability to heal. A very quiet, slow, gentle, and relaxing treatment.

Sorrel River Ultimate Quench

A magnesium salts bath soak combined with your choice of herbs* (most are grown right here on the ranch) and/ or essential oils+ is a great way to start to relieve sore, tired, overused muscles that revive and relax you overall. The ultimate body polish follows, ending with a hydrating quench body butter massage, wrap, and hot oil hair and scalp treatment.

Call of the Ancients Desert Rescue

Customized for Men or Women. This rehydrating wrap is customized with your choice of essential oils+ added to your moisturizing treatment to rescue your dry skin.

Slick Rock Body Polish

Customized for Men or Women. Leaves skin radiant, soft, and smooth. Your choice of essential oils+ will be added to polish with the rehydrating body butter massage

Essential Oil Aromatherapy

Symphony of the Cells

A simple and effective method for applying essential oils to create balance and harmony. Choice of 12 different essential oil combinations to support every system in the body and reduce inflammation. Choose the Basic, Cardiovascular, Digestive, Hormone Balance, Infectious Disease, Inflammatory, Lymphatic, Maxim, Neurological, Osteo, Respiratory, or Solar protocols.

Emotional Balance

Identify the emotion that is out of balance, and we’ll help you identify the perfect essential oil that will support your Limbic system to help bring you back into balance. Choose Motivate, Cheer, Passion, Forgive, Console, or Peace.

Aroma Touch Technique

This uplifting essential oil experience was created to ease stress and frustration, balance your body, boost the immune system, ease pain, and uplift your mood. It is very gentle and can be adapted for those with sensitive skin. Helps maintain a sense of overall wellness.

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