Horseback Riding

Wide open skies, winding canyons, and otherworldly arches are best experienced on horseback. With nearly 10,000 acres of rugged terrain to explore, and a crew of good-natured and fun loving wranglers, the wild is at your fingertips.

Trail rides and horsemanship

The Ranch has many trails for riders of every experience level. You will be matched to a horse that meets your experience and riding ambition, and fitted with a comfortable saddle and tack. A surreal horseback riding experience in Moab awaits.

Western Riding Lessons

From the basics of horsemanship to learning how to lope, a 30 minute Western riding lesson with our experiened wranglers will provide you with all the foundations for a true Western-style rider. Perfect for never-evers or as a refresher course for a less confident rider, a lesson is also a great warm up for one of our many group or private rides.

Convent Group Ride

A relaxing ride for the entire family, this scenic 1.5 hour ride starts on top of the foothills and offers a gentle adventure without any worries as it descends into Ida Gulch. On the return climb you’ll be rewarded with magnificent views of the surrounding rock formations and the often snow-capped La Sal Mountains.

Mesa View Trail

Great for novice riders or busy families, the 1 hour Mesa View Trail keeps riders on top of the desert ridges offering open views of the Colorado River Valley, Parriott Mesa, Convent Butte and Sorrel River Ranch. Riders will enjoy many photo opportunities as our endearing wranglers tell stories about the local area.

Parriott Ridgetop Group Ride

This adventurous 2 hour ride begins with a steep hill to Convent Butte. A hilly trail meanders through the valley then into Ida Gulch before ascending up toward Parriott Mesa. See how truly massive this famous rock formation is as you head back towards the banks of the Colorado River near Rocky Rapids.

Private Rides

For the ultimate horseback riding experience take a private ride with our experience wranglers. Private rides are custom tailored for skill level and duration as you head up secluded Ida Gulch and get up close and personal with the enormous red rock buttes that define our majestic valley.

Pony Rides (Ages 3-12)

While you must be at least 7 yrs. old to go on a horseback ride the little buckaroos can begin training for the trail with our complimentary pony rides offered daily from 11:30am-3:00pm daily. For further fun don’t miss out on the daily petting zoo located at the Stables from 1:00-2:00pm.