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Utah is consistently recognized by top travel authorities as providing some of the best mountain biking and bicycle trails in the world. Whether your passion is for mountain biking trails, canyon bike rides, dirt biking, motorcycling, or trail biking – our Moab, Utah hotel is perfectly situated to explore hundreds of trails that are sure to get your heart racing and your soul soaring. And regardless if you choose beginner mountain bike trails or more extreme mountain biking adventures, you’ll thank yourself for choosing our Spa Retreat to take advantage of a little pampering following your high-energy activities.

Best of all, at the Ranch we have everything you need to spend more time on the bicycle trails, and less time figuring out the logistics. Our guided Moab mountain biking tours include a quality full suspension bike (with upgrades available), helmet, a water bottle, snacks and lunch (full day), as well as transportation to and from Sorrel. Be sure to bring extra water and a way to carry it (available in our gift shop), and wear comfortable walking shoes.

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top mountain biking trails

Here are a few of our favorite experiences:

Courthouse Loop/Moab Brand Trails: 10.1 Miles, 406 foot elevation gain

This basic loop is our easiest tour, and is perfect introduction for beginners and families to off-road biking and trail riding techniques and terrain. The backdrop is Arches National Park, overlooking the Windows section of Arches, with terrific views of seldom explored back-country areas, and an overview of Balanced Rock. The trail includes a section of paved trail, unimproved highway, some ATV track, a tiny section of singletrack, a section of rocky roadway, and smooth-paved Park roads.

Klondike Single Track

The Klondike Bluffs area of bicycle trails and off-road vehicle paths has lots of great areas to explore, with miles and miles of available routes to choose from. You can wind through narrow wedges with towering rock peaks, bike along mesas, and try a few gentle or even challenging rock drop-offs. For an escorted tour, our Klondike Bluffs excursion is for intermediate mountain bikers, featuring slickrock riding, a chance to see dinosaur tracks along the route, fun dips and rolls during the last leg of the journey, and breathtaking views of the arches and red rock bluffs below and in the distance. There are climbs and descents ranging from easy to challenging throughout this expansive area, which is just west of Arches National Park, about 40 minutes from Sorrel River Ranch.

Dead Horse Point Bike Trail

Dead Horse Point State Park, without question, has several jaw-dropping vistas easily rivaling that of it’s better known next door neighbor, Canyonlands National Park. The Singletrack Loop trail (a narrow trail that’s only wide enough for one bike) is a 9 mile moderate to intermediate mountain bike trail with beautiful views into Canyonlands National Park, the winding Colorado River, and scenic Dead Horse State Park. There is not much as far as a gain or loss in altitude, however the bike trail is at 6,000 feet above sea level, providing sweeping vistas.

Magnificent 7 Trail System

Featuring intermediate up to downright challenging trails even for experienced riders, the “Mag 7” area as locals call it offers single track trail segments, Slickrock terrain, and some ledge trails guaranteed to keep you on your toes. Plus, there are some spectacular views along the canyon rims, as well as the Gemini Bridges, which is a very unique rock formation. Intermediate trail biking is in the south section of the area, with trails including Bull Run, Arth’s, Little Canyon, Getaway and Great Escape. For expert riders in peak shape, there’s the full Mag 7 linkup, which includes the unbelievable Gold Bar Rim singletrack.

Advanced, Private Full-day tours:

Slickrock Trail, Porcupine Rim, Amasa Back Trail and More.

For a more personalized experience, which can include a gourmet picnic lunch at a spectacular setting, early morning and evening rides to catch optimal light and shadow, or team events, contact our concierge for more information about private bike tours. Moab is unique in providing a full range of easy, intermediate and extreme Utah mountain biking experiences for all ages and riders.

Jeff’s favorite biking trials

Jeff VanCleve
Adventures Supervisor

One of the biggest reasons that Moab is so popular throughout the world for mountain biking and trail riding is the huge range of experiences that abound. Here are a few things to think about if you are planning a visit, and how you can make the most out of the exceptional bicycle trails we have here in Moab:

  • Mountain biking or dirt bike riding is a great way to avoid some of the more crowded areas of our adjacent National and State parks like Canyonlands, Arches, or Dead Horse. Not to mention that lots of trails in the parks can take you to sights, vistas, and unique geologic features that many guests of the park don’t get to experience.
  • Our area is filled with contrasts – from lighting, to temperatures, as well as the geology and landscapes that surround us. It’s a snap to have an amazing adventure, but it can be magical if you plan ahead and see the first rays of a sunrise light up the mesas, pinnacles, arches, and sprawling canyon views. All of us here at the Ranch love to share our experience to help you make the most of your visit, so be sure to let us know if we can help you plan your activities to enhance your adventures.
  • Today’s Smartphones can take some great photos and videos, but you might want to splurge a tiny bit and purchase a great professional video / still camera that easily mounts on your bike or helmet to record your adventures (say $100-$200)


Although all of our tours include everything you need other than personal items, if you are setting out on your own a few essentials you might want to consider include;

  • Hydration Pack: These convenient backpacks are not only designed to carry plenty of water for a full day of biking, but many options are also specially designed to conveniently stow your typical mountain biking gear and supplies;
  • If you have your own bike that you will be using, be sure to bring a spare tube and a mini-pump or CO2 cartridge just in case;
  • Snacks: Cycling is great exercise, and in warmer weather it’s very important to maintain your electrolytic balance. Be sure to pack a few snacks that pack a lot of energy and essential nutrients in a small package (Clif Bars or Shot Bloks are a great option, as are Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwiches);

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