This is high adventure and stunning scenery at its finest. Moab canyoneering utilizes hiking, climbing, rappelling, and sometimes swimming to navigate the beautiful landscapes of the Natural Parks.

Explore the vast, remote, and rugged canyons

Southern Utah is full of incredible slot canyons created by the erosive forces of rivers, wind, and streams. Many of them are so narrow that adventurers can nearly touch both sides of the canyon walls with outstretched arms. We offer a variety of canyoneering tours into these off-the-beaten-paths of the National Parks. Some canyons are easy to descend and require no special skills at all; others require wilderness-level planning and training and offer immense physical and mental challenges. Whatever your state of readiness, there is a canyon in the desert awaiting you.

Entrajo Canyon – Chamisa Canyon

Includes hiking, 2 rappels (15’, 80’), rope-assisted down climbs, wading and swimming.

Morning Glory – Ephedra’s Grotto

Includes downhill hiking, and two rappels (95’, 120’). An amazing rappel into the hidden chamber brings you to the top of Morning Glory arch.


Rockaneering combines all the best elements of rock climbing, canyoneering and mountaineering into one exceptionally fun and exciting activity! For people of all ages and skill levels.