How to Get to the Ranch

Find us using your vehicle’s GPS unit:

UTM Easting (X): 639376.23
UTM Easting (Y): 4284358.86

Latitude: 38.69875 N
Longitude: 109.39728 W


From the East: If you’re driving in from Denver, take I-70 westbound. You will pass through Grand Junction, then cross into Utah. 17 miles into Utah, take Exit 214 and head toward the tiny “town” of Cisco. Drive past the town, staying on the two-lane highway, heading west. About 2 miles beyond the town, turn left. Follow Highway 128 southward about 25 miles and the ranch will be on your right.

From the West: If you’re driving in from Las Vegas, take I-15 north toward Salt Lake City. About 245 miles up I-15, turn east onto I-70. In 188 miles, turn south onto Highway 191. Just as you cross the Colorado River and before you enter Moab, turn left onto Highway 128. Drive 17 miles. The ranch will be on your left.

From the North: If you’re driving in from Salt Lake City, take I-15 southbound about 54 miles to Spanish Fork. Take Exit 257 B-A, drive through the town of Spanish Fork and head up over Soldier Summit on Highway 6. Continue driving south through Price until you reach I-70. Head east 28 miles to Crescent Junction. Take Exit 182 and head south on Highway 191 about 29 miles. Just as you cross the Colorado River and before you enter Moab, turn left onto Highway 128. Drive 17 miles. The ranch will be on your left.

From the South: If you’re driving in from Phoenix, take I-17 north to Flagstaff. Then take Highway 89 northward toward Page, AZ. About 62 miles north of Flagstaff, turn right onto Highway 160 and drive east toward Tuba City. Drive through Tuba City and continue east to Kayenta. At Kayenta, turn north onto Highway 163 and drive to Mexican Hat, UT. From there, continue on to Bluff, UT and northward on Highway 191 through Blanding, Monticello and finally Moab. Drive through Moab, continue north to the Colorado River. Turn right onto Highway 128. Drive 17 miles. The ranch will be on your left.


The best option is to fly directly to Canyonlands Field in Moab. SkyWest Airlines currently flies twice daily from Salt Lake City and operates as a subsidiary of Delta and has code-sharing with Alaska. The second best option is to fly into Grand Junction, CO. The third best option is Salt Lake City. Use driving directions above if driving from either Grand Junction or Salt Lake City.

Once you arrive, you’ll want a map of the Ranch.

Employees should park their cars either at the employee residences in Buildings Q and R, or in the parking lot on the left of the main entrance road, as you approach the lodge. All the other parking areas are reserved for guests: the gravel lot in front of the G and H buildings, the parking area adjacent to Housekeeping, and the paved area between the Lodge and the Barn.

And before you make the trip, you’ll want to bone up on everything there is to know about Sorrel River Ranch. So here’s a Compendium about the Ranch, including its history, our philosophy, and every kind of service or amenity available to our guests, etc. It’s something that each employee should read and know.

This document lives in a classic leather binder branded with our old logo from the earliest days of the resort, and a copy exists in each guest room. There’s also one behind the Front Desk, at the Hostess station, and behind the Bar. It’s a great “cheat sheet” to study up on so you can answer any question a guest might have. And that’s true for all Sorrel River Ranch employees, whether you are cleaning rooms, serving tables, or mowing the lawn. Guests may decide to ask you something about the ranch, or about the Moab area. We want you to be able answer with the most accurate information possible.

We also publish a weekly calendar of upcoming activities that includes what’s happening on the ranch and special events located in Moab or the national parks. A copy of this Activities Calendar is posted for you to read on the bulletin board in the Time Clock Room. All employees should read this Activities Calendar at the beginning of each work week. It is updated on Monday morning.