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Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Moab, Utah

Stand Up Paddle Boarding, or SUP, is an activity that has been sweeping the nation. From east coast to west coast and everywhere in between, folks are climbing up on paddle boards and enjoying this country’s oceans, lakes and rivers. The southwest is no exception. Paddle Boarding in Moab, Utah has become increasingly popular in recent times and guests are enjoying this new way to see the Colorado River. Join us at Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa for some of the finest lodging in Moab, and don’t miss your chance to experience Stand Up Paddle Boarding on the Colorado.

While rafting in Moab is one of the more popular ways to get out on the water, Stand Up Paddle Boarding has been making a name for itself. Rafting in some parts of the Colorado can present some danger which limits the age groups that can participate. Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a calm, safe experience for anyone 10 an up.

Most Stand Up Paddle Boarding trips are half day excursions. They typically begin with some dry land instruction so guests can get a feel for standing on the board and controlling the paddle. After the initial instruction guests will get out on the water for a little more training before heading out on the trip. As guests traverse the turns of the Colorado River they can drink in the gorgeous views of the sandstone cliffs that stand tall above the water.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is one of the most calming Moab adventures. Enjoy the peace and tranquility of the Colorado River while appreciating the breathtaking landscape that surrounds this area. Don’t pass up this incredible opportunity to see Moab is a truly unique way.

Try Stand Up Paddle Boarding and other great adventures in Moab during your next stay at Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa. We welcome all adventure enthusiasts to join us for a luxurious stay in one of the most exciting places in the world. Contact Sorrel River Ranch for help with planning your next vacation in Moab.