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Sorrel River Spa

For The Body

The Sorrel Massage – Ease yourself into a desert get-away with this slow and light to medium touch massage, designed to soothe your entire body and mind.
50 min. $120 / 80 min. $170

Slickrock Deep Tissue Massage – The perfect end to a day on the river or on the rocks– this treatment involves various therapeutic techniques to relieve those knots and kinks. Target special muscle groups based on your recent activities.
50 Minutes $140 / 80 Minutes $190

Colorado River Stone Massage – Let the river stones help you relax. The warmth of the stones helps to relieve muscle tensions and promote deep relaxation.
80 min. $190*

Couples Massage – Share your Sorrel River experience with the one you love, relaxing together in our special couples room.
50 min. $280 / 80 min. $380

Treatment Enhancements ($20 each)

  • Antioxidant Face Massage
  • Herbal Foot Soak
  • Natural Shea Butter Body Hydration
  • Organic Mineral Sun Protection

For The Feet

Fresh Feet – This quick, refreshing treatment will renew your tired feet with a warm uplifting herbal foot soak, followed by a focused triple massage of lower legs, ankles and feet. Application of top-quality German foot care products will leave your feet and legs refreshed and revitalized.
25 min. / $60

Hikers Heaven – Start with Fresh Feet and add a Bamboo Scrub which exfoliates the lower legs and feet and promotes circulation. Then extend the triple massage and finish with refreshing custom foot cream application and you are in Hiker’s Heaven. This treatment will put the bounce back into your step and relieve soreness and fatigue.
50 min. / $90

Facial Massage Treatments

Eminence Facial Massage – Refresh and revitalize what the elements have taken from your skin. A much deserved facial massage that includes organic products that will brighten your skin to a glow. Includes a shoulder, neck, and hand massage. Your therapist will help you choose the treatment variety best suited to your skin and its needs.
50 min. / $100

Garden Glow Facial Massage – The facial treatment is made up of extra virgin olive oil infused with basil and chamomile harvested from Sorrel River Ranch’s garden. Basil contains antibacterial compounds that help to detoxify the skin, while olive oil is a great source of vitamin E, which has been shown to improve skins elasticity, and oleic acid, which softens the skin. The facial also employs chamomile for its calming properties. Includes a shoulder, neck, and hand massage.
50 min. / $100

Body Treatment Packages

The Bourbon Cowboy – Relax and enjoy the delicious comfort of the intoxicating blend of sugar and bourbon combined in a decadent fine full body scrub. Includes 50 minute Sorrel Massage.
80 min. / $200

Garden Herbal Scrub – Fresh basil and chamomile from the Sorrel River Farm mixed with sea salt and olive oil combine for a soothing, detoxifying exfoliation which will leave your skin glowing. Includes a 50 minute Sorrel Massage.
80 min / $200

Desert Rain Soak – Let this therapeutic brew of wild sages and lavender relax, sooth, and refresh as you soak away your aches and pains. Includes a 50 minute Sorrel Massage.
80 min. / $200

*For your convenience, a 20% service charge will be added to all treatments