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Sorrel River Ranch’s Biking in Moab Series – The Lazy EZ Trail

Here is another installment of the Biking in Moab blog series from Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa. This time we are going to review the Lazy EZ loop. The Lazy EZ loop is part of the “Brand” trail system in the Moab desert. This is a fairly easy trail to ride making it ideal for families or beginner riders. Mountain biking is one of the top adventures in Moab, and Sorrel River Ranch encourages guests of any skill level to get out there and try trails like Lazy EZ.

Lazy EZ is a basic lariat style loop track which is about 3.1 miles in length. If you have had any mountain biking experience in the past, this trail should be simple to ride. There is slight elevation changes, and riders will climb about 150 vertical feet through the duration of the loop. The trail splits into the Lazy side which is the eastern side, and EZ which is the western side. The trail can be taken in either direction, but most riders begin on Lazy and head back on EZ.

Sorrel River Ranch guests are always looking to find the best views around Moab. On the Lazy (eastern) side of the trail, riders will be able to enjoy stunning views of the La Salle Mountains as well as some of the formations of Arches National Park. Riding back on EZ, you will have a perfect photo opportunity if you would like to pull over and take a picture of the gorgeous Wingate Cliffs.

The Lazy EZ trail can be used by riders of any skill level, but its perfect for beginner and intermediate riders. There are a few technical sections of this singletrack, but these sections are not difficult and still very fun to navigate. The Lazy EZ loop also connects to more difficult trails like Deadman’s Ridge, Bar B, Bar M, Rockin A, and Circle O. The Sorrel River Ranch Guest Experience Team can help you find the best trails in the area according to your specific skill level.

Keep an eye out for more posts in the Biking in Moab series. Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa is always welcoming mountain bikers who want to stay in luxury during their Moab biking trip. Bikers can also enjoy the resort’s incredible amenities and comfortable guest rooms. Contact Sorrel River Ranch today to book your room or for more information about mountain biking in Moab.