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See Dinosaur Tracks when you stay at Moab Resorts

Southwestern vacations are great for the whole family.  The beautiful scenery and great attractions in Moab Utah make it the perfect spot for family vacations any time of the year. Stay at Sorrel River Ranch for a vacation the whole family can enjoy. Kids will love checking out the hiking trails and going horseback riding in the beautiful mountains and canyons. Parents will love relaxing next to Sorrel’s beautiful pool or getting a great massage and body scrub at Sorrel River Ranch’s Moab spa.  Sorrel River Ranch is a luxury Moab resort and spa that has everything you could want for a vacation in Moab.

If you want to check out a really interesting attraction that the whole family will enjoy, check out the dinosaur tracks located on Highway 279 also known as Potash Road.  These tracks are located just outside of Moab. Tracks of Theropod dinosaurs can be seen in the rock slabs alongside the hills. Theropod dinosaurs include the ever famous T-Rex and the Velociraptor. Kids and adults will love looking at these old dinosaur tracks.  The base of the same canyon is covered with petroglyphs from older inhabitants of the area. This is a great area to check out and search for fossils or other dinosaur tracks with the family. Kids will enjoy seeing proof that dinosaurs were standing in the same area where they are now.

Crash in your beautiful Moab accommodations after spending the day exploring the canyons for dinosaur tracks. Sorrel’s first class accommodations featuring rustic charm and modern conveniences are the best place to unwind. Have a great dinner and glass of wine at Sorrel’s River Grill before turning in for the night. If Moab sounds like a great family vacation to you, then make sure to book your stay at Sorrel River Ranch today. Their helpful staff would love to answer any questions or help you plan your vacation.