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Photography Tours in Moab, Utah

Moab, Utah is one of the most picturesque places in the entire world. Large sandstone rock formations, mountain ranges and more are scattered throughout the area creating some incredible photo opportunities.Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa offers photography tours where guests can seek out and photograph the amazing sights around Moab.

Taking a guided photography tour is one of the best ways to find optimal photo opportunities. Leading photography tours is a profession for some people in Moab, and these tour guides know the best spots. Their experience also helps in selecting the time of day to visit these photo opportunities. Those with photography experience know that finding the perfect lighting in a natural setting is not always easy, so the help of a guide is crucial.

These tours are designed so photographers of all skill levels can participate. Tour guides are also professional photographers who help guests by teaching them some photography tips and tricks. Guides can help with things like camera positioning, settings, lighting and much more.

The gorgeous landscape offers spectacular photo opportunities. One of the most popular things to photograph are the La Salle Mountains. This range is full of stunning snow-capped peaks which rise from the red desert floor. Another photogenic area is Arches National Park and some of the seemingly gravity defying formations that exist there. Other popular areas include the Colorado River, Fisher Towers, Canyonlands State Park, Dead Horse Point State Park, Dinosaur tracksites, and the ancient Native-American Rock Art.

If you’re looking for somewhere to take amazing landscape photography, look no further than Moab, Utah. Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa is a luxury resort in Moab. Sorrel River Ranch offers plenty of adventures in Moab including photography tours. Contact Sorrel River Ranch today to book your rooms or to find more information about Moab photography.