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Sorrel River Ranch Rafting Adventures – Westwater Canyon

When staying at Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa, you will have opportunities to experience plenty of Moab adventures. One of Moab’s most popular adventures is certainly whitewater rafting on the Colorado River. There are different sections of the Colorado River that offer different rafting experiences. While this summer many guests enjoyed the Cataract Canyon rafting trip, the low waters and great rapids have had many people choosing to raft through the Westwater Canyon.

Westwater Canyon lies deep within the sandstone cliffs between Grand Junction, Colorado and gorgeous Moab, Utah. Recently, water levels have been a bit lower than normal and have created some great rapids for whitewater rafting tours. As you travel along the Colorado River, the sandstone walls seem to close in and the river becomes much more narrow. The walls get higher as they reach heights of over 1,200 feet. As the walls narrow, the water pushes through faster creating an intense experience for whitewater rafters.

The Westwater Canyon offers plenty of difficult rapids and drops, making it one of the best rafting trips in Moab. River riders should be prepared to navigate through some forceful sections like the Marble Canyon Rapid, The Staircase Rapid, Big Hummer Rapid, and the amazing drop in Funnel Falls Rapid. Sorrel River Ranch guests who have braved the Westwater rafting trip all have stories about Skull Rapid. Skull is formed when the Colorado river makes a very tight turn and tries to push everyone over Skull Rock and into the hole below. Skull is followed by a few more rapids like the Rock of Shock, Room of Doom, Cross Bones, Sock It To Me, and Last Chance.

Rafting through Westwater Canyon is a great adventure for families and groups. Due to the intensity of the trip, children under 12 will probably not be permitted. The guest experience team at Sorrel River Ranch will help you plan everything you need for a trip through Westwater Canyon, or any other Moab adve