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Moab Activities: Upcoming Races and Cycling Events

Moab is one of the most beautiful spots in the American southwest. With all the amazing red rock canyons and the sparkling Colorado River, Moab Utah is the perfect place to go on a spring vacation. If you love the beautiful outdoors there are dozens of amazing activities to try out. Stay at Sorrel River Ranch’s amazing accommodations in Moab for a luxury experience with all the trimmings. Sorrel River Ranch features beautiful mountain or river view guest rooms with wooden four-poster beds and luxury linens, kitchenettes and dining areas, and all the modern amenities and many rooms feature porch swings or panoramic windows. Relax in luxury before spending a fun day out exploring all the great Moab activities.

If you want a real challenge during your Moab vacation, there are plenty of great races and cycling events this spring to try out. Sign-up for one of these awesome events!

Red Rock Relay on May 11th– This fun event was ranked by Forbes magazine as one of the best relay events to travel for! This fun relay race consists of teams of six people running relay style through 70 miles of beautiful terrain. The race starts at sunrise in the canyon lands before heading into the La Salle mountain range.
Moonshadows in Moab on May 18th- If you always wanted to cycle through the mountains guided by moonlight, then this race is for you. This fun cycling event starts at Dead Horse State park with a nice dinner before a cycling ride from 6-10 pm in the beautiful moonlight.
Moab Half Marathon holds four races each year, one of which is based at Sorrel River Ranch Resort and Spa.
The Canyonlands Half Marathon is each March with the next one being March 21, 2015. It is based at Swanny City Park in Moab and starts at Mile 11, Highway 128, not far from Sorrel River Ranch.
The Thelma & Louise Half Marathon and Relay is run in June and the next race is June 6, 2015. It is based at Gold Bar Beach on Highway 279, about 13 miles southwest of Moab.
The Other Half is each October with the next one being October 19, 2014. It is based at Sorrel River Ranch Resort and Spa.
The Winter Sun 10K is run each December with the next one being December 6, 2014. It is based at the Moab Golf Course about four miles south of downtown Moab.
These great events are the perfect excuse for a luxury Moab Utah vacation. Book your stay at Sorrel River Ranch for all these great events!

Sorrel River Ranch is proud to host the start/finish line for the 11th annual running of
The Other Half
Sunday, October 18, 2015.
This annual foot race is sponsored by Moab Half Marathon ( To register, visit
And when you’re done, don’t forget to book rooms for your stay

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