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Moab Activities: Spend a day at the Museum Of Moab

With the beautiful landscape and great weather, it’s easy to see why Moab, Utah is considered a little piece of Southwestern heaven.   The area of Moab was originally settled by Mormons in 1855 but was abandoned after several Indian attacks. The area was then resettled in 1878 and the town of Moab became incorporated in 1902. Moab was settled mostly as a farming town but gradually shifted to mining when uranium and vanadium were found in the area. By the 1970s, after several movies had come out to Moab to shoot scenes, Moab became a tourist city where vacationers could come and go rafting, hiking, horseback riding, rock climbing and more. Come experience what the town has to offer with an amazing Moab, Utah vacation and stay at Sorrel River Ranch. Sorrel River Ranch is an upscale resort with beautiful Moab accommodations and amenities.

Check out the Museum of Moab for great artifacts and history of the area. They show you the change in the Moab area from the dinosaur valley to what it has become today.  The Museum of Moab has various artifacts dating all the way back all the way to the prehistoric age. They have a dinosaur exhibit that features a full sized replica of a plated Ankylosaur, dinosaur track imprints, dinosaur bones and tons of fossilized plants and fish. Head into the early inhabitants exhibit to see ancient Indian pottery, arrowheads, clothes and more from the Pueblo and Navajo Indians that once inhabited the area.  Get a taste of the old west when you move into the pioneer exhibit which features tons of old equipment like wood stove, ladies side-saddle, steamer trunks and much more. Finish up with learning about how mining changed the Moab area. The Museum of Moab will give you a great overview on the town of Moab and how it has changed over the centuries.

Stay at Sorrel River Ranch and be close to all the great Moab activities and attractions. Their upscale resort is the perfect place for a relaxing weekend or a fun adventure!