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Moab Accommodations and Famous Movie Scenery

Moab, Utah is one of the most beautiful spots in the American Southwest. The gorgeous red rock canyons glitter against the sparkling blue water of the Colorado River. It’s no shock then that several famous movies have used to Moab area as a backdrop for filming some great movie scenes.  Take a Moab Utah vacation and check out all these great places that have been used in movies.

Several great old western movies featuring John Wayne like Rio Grande, Stagecoach and The Comancheroswere filmed in Moab. The 1965 Charleston Heston film The Greatest Story Ever Told about Jesus’s life used Lake Moab to film the Sermon on the Mount scene.  Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade used Arches National park to shoot some of the opening scenes for the film. Dead Horse State Park just outside of Moab was a stand in for the Grand Canyon in Thelma & Louise. Other amazing movies like City Slickers II, 2008’s Star Trek, and the David Spade Film Joe Dirt all shot scenes in scenic Moab.

Check out the great scenery used in so many famous movies when you stay at Sorrel River Ranch, a scenicMoab resort. Many areas just outside of Sorrel were used in these films and their lodging is located just a few miles away from both Arches National Park and Dead Horse State Park.  There are plenty of great activities to do while you are staying at Sorrel River Ranch. Have a relaxing massage or body scrub at their Moab Spa, go horseback riding on one of their natural trails or just relax by Sorrel’s sparkling pool next to the Colorado River. Sorrel’s upscale Moab accommodations featuring wooden four-poster beds and comfy mattresses will make you never want to leave. Their friendly staff and amazing Moab restaurants will make you feel like royalty. Contact the staff at Sorrel River Ranch today with any questions or book your Moab vacation to see the amazing scenery.