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Hot Air Balloons – The Perfect Way to See Moab

When most people explore Moab they usually take hiking trails or designated biking trails, but one of the best ways to see the area is from above. Hot air balloon rides are amazing Moab adventures and the perfect way to see all of the natural beauty of the area. Soaring high above the ground, every second provides incredible photo opportunities. When staying at Sorrel River Ranch, consider taking a hot air balloon ride to explore Moab in a truly unique way.

See the breathtaking arches, buttes and other rock formations like never before. From the ground, views can be obscured by elevation change and high rock walls, but in a hot air balloon you won’t miss a thing. See the beautiful sandstone arches of Arches National Park. Fly around landmarks like Balance Rock, The Windows, and the massive Landscape Arch. The parks can sometimes get congested with tourists and visitors who all want to get in the same spots to take the same photos. Hot air ballooning allows you to avoid the crowds and lines while providing better photo opportunities than all of those tourists and visitors have below.

See some of the amazing wildlife that inhabits the area. Observe the native Desert Big Horn Sheep, or the big cats like Mountain Lions and Bobcats, all from the safety of the hot air balloon basket. Watch Pronghorn Antelopes, Foxes and Coyotes as they roam the land searching for food. Since you will be high above Moab, you can soar with birds like the amazing Peregrine Falcons, Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles, and Red-tailed Hawks. You may even see some of these birds up close and personal as they swoop and soar near your hot air balloon.

Come stay with us at Sorrel River Ranch and have an unforgettable Moab adventure. See the area and admire its beauty from high above the ground on a Moab hot air balloon ride. After a long day of sight-seeing, come relax with the lavish amenities and splendid accommodations provided by Sorrel River Ranch. Contact Sorrel River Ranch and start planning your next adventure in Moab today!