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Horseback Riding – Ride Where John Wayne Rode & Other Movie Sites

Moab, Utah has been a famous filming location for movies, commercials and even music videos. The beauty of the area has drawn the attention of many filmmakers. Because of the extensive film making in this area, one of Moab’s popular attractions is to go horseback riding through the famous sites, especially sites where John Wayne has filmed. During your next stay at Sorrel River Ranch, make a point to ride where Duke rode, and see other famous Moab movie sites.

Horseback riding in Moab is definitely a popular attraction but riding through famous movie sites makes it even more special. Feel like a real cowboy as you see the scenes shown in John Wayne films such as Fort Apache, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, Rio Grande, The Comancheros, and The Greatest Story Ever Told. If you are a true John Wayne fan, you will absolutely love to ride along the same trails as he did.

Moab is famous for more than just John Wayne films. Many other films and television shows have had scenes filmed in Moab as well. During your horseback riding adventure you may recognize backdrops from shows like MacGyver. You may also recognize locations like Dead Horse State Park which was used for movies such as Con-Air or Fisher Towers from City Slickers II. During your ride, your tour guides will point out various areas and provide information about all of the movies and shows that have used them.

If you simply can’t get enough horseback riding, Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa also offers both group and private rides for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders at the on-site Equestrian Center. If you would like to venture out, Sorrel River Ranch also offers a program that leads you through the breathtaking trails on the contiguous Bureau of Land Management Property.

Moab and the surrounding areas are gorgeous and you will see why so many filmmakers have used these locations over the years. Come stay with us at Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa and don’t miss your chance to go horseback riding through these famous sets, or choose to stay on the property. After a long day on horseback, relax at Sorrel River Ranch and take advantage of the luxurious amenities. Contact Sorrel River Ranch to book your room and plan your movie themed horseback riding adventure.