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Hiking in Moab – Fisher Towers Trail

Moab, Utah might just be one of the most beautiful places to hike in the country. Hiking in Moab is one of the most relaxing outdoor adventures offering spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. While there are plenty of hiking trails around the area, The Fisher Towers Trail is one of the more popular hikes. Join us at the luxurious Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa and take a hike on Fisher Towers Trail.

The trailhead is located off of scenic byway 128. It is 21 miles east of the Utah 128/US 191 junction. Turn right and go about 2 miles down the dirt road until you reach the parking lot. There is a register box in the parking lot for hikers to register before heading out onto the trail.

After you have registered, head down the stairs and to your left out onto the slickrock ridge ahead of you. This ridge will be your guide as you follow it away from the cliffs. Just after the trail becomes more narrow, there will be a split on the left side of the ridge where you can head down into the ravine. Once you reach the bottom of the ravine, the trail will start a steep increase and will continue on around the base of Fisher Towers. After you have passed the largest of the Fisher Towers, Titan, you will hike a little further up to the end of the ridge which offers breathtaking views and an incredible photo opportunity.

While hiking past Fisher Towers, keep an eye out for climbers. Many people travel to come climbing in Moab, and Fisher Towers is a popular place to climb. If climbers are out, this is a great spot to take a break and watch them tackle these large rock formations before heading back.

After a long day of hiking through the desert, you will probably need some rest. Return to Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa and choose from any of our fantastic Spa treatments to relax those muscles. If you are tired, take a nap on the comfortable beds in our luxurious guest rooms. Sorrel River Ranch welcomes hikers from all around the country to visit Moab, and take a hike on the gorgeous Fisher Towers Trail.