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Get Prehistoric in Moab – Dinosaur Bones & Tracksites

Millions of years ago dinosaurs roamed the Moab, Utah area and they left behind tracks and bones which can still be seen today. Although these giant lizards are now extinct, you can still see their footprints fossilized in stone. You don’t need to be a geologist or paleontologist to appreciate these sites. While there are plenty of adventures in Moab, seeing what remains of these great beasts is one adventure you will never forget. The Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa encourages guests to take tours of these sites and learn about a time when dinosaurs roamed Moab.

The Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail is an outstanding place to find fossils. The area is not guarded or fenced off so visitors can get up close and really view the footprints. Guests are not permitted to remove or deface the rocks and fossils, but can still get close and take photographs. Sorrel River Ranch guests who have visited the Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail have come back with great stories and photos from that adventure.

About 4 miles north of Moab, Utah is another Dinosaur tracksite called the Potash Road Dinosaur Tracks. From the Potash Road scenic byway, visitors can look out and see the tracks. These tracks stretch alongside the road for about 4.5 miles. Binoculars or a spotting scope can be used to get a better view, or you can hike down and see the tracks up close.

Anyone interested in dinosaurs or paleontology should certainly check out these spectacular sites around Moab. The Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa welcomes individuals and families who want to catch a glimpse of what remains from when dinosaurs walked through Moab. Our luxurious resort has comfortable guest rooms and plenty of lavish amenities to make your stay unforgettable. Contact Sorrel River Ranch today to book your room or to find more information about the various dinosaur tracksites around Moab.