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Fishing Spots in Moab Near Sorrel River Ranch

Many people may not think of fishing when they think of Moab, Utah and the desert climate, but there are actually some great fishing spots in Moab and the surrounding areas. While there are certainly some exhilarating adventures available, fishing is a calming adventure and can be enjoyed by almost anyone. If you would like test your angling skills out west, join us at our luxury resort in Moab, Sorrel River Ranch, and start fishing our rivers and lakes.

The Manti-La Sal National Forest is not far from Sorrel River Ranch and has plenty of fantastic fishing spots. Many of the lakes in the La Sal Mountains are stocked with trout so you are probably going to make quite a few catches. Some of the trout species you may catch in these lakes and ponds include Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Brook Trout and Cutthroat Trout. Some of these fish bite for artificial lures and worms while others are best caught with flies. The species of fish you may catch could depend heavily on the type of bait you choose. Consult local park rangers or expert fishermen to see what has been working recently.

The Colorado River also offers countless fishing spots in Moab. There are miles of shoreline and sandy areas where you can cast into the river. Most folks fishing in the Colorado are going after the massive catfish that roam its waters. The best times to reel in a catfish are in the early morning and late in the evening when the sun is down. Catfish usually require some different baits such as grasshoppers, chicken livers and stink bait. The Sorrel River Ranch sits right along the bank of the Colorado River so you won’t need to walk far to find a place to cast.

Join us at the luxurious Sorrel River Ranch and experience awesome Moab adventures like fishing the Colorado River or the lakes of the La Sal Mountains. Our resort offers unmatched accommodations, the best amenities, and an on-site Spa to make your stay unforgettable. Contact Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa to book your rooms or to find more information about fishing spots in Moab.