Experience the great outdoors with a yoga class overlooking the Colorado River or a peaceful meditative walk through the nearby surroundings.


Come join our experienced yoga instructor to breathe, stretch and relax with yoga. We offer a free yoga class from late Spring to Autumn next to the Spa that consists of a combination of traditional Yoga, linking posture and breath together within a series of sequential movements to stretch tired muscles. This process generates heat in the body and helps to stretch the muscles and increase flexibility. During the colder season we move the class to the fitness center. Yoga experience is helpful but not a must.

Walking Meditation

In walking meditation we use the experience of walking as our focus to increase our conscious awareness and ability to focus. We become mindful of our experience while walking, and try to keep our awareness involved in the present moment. Our walking meditation sessions are unguided. There are several excellent spots around Sorrel River Ranch to explore including the meditation labyrinth, and the river path.

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