Green Matters

Sorrel River Ranch Resort and Spa embraces the values of an eco-friendly philosophy. We walk the walk by energy and water conservation, growing our own organic fruits and vegetables, and utilizing outdoor solar-powered lamps across the property.

Good for us, and the planet

At the Ranch, we live symbiotically with the wildlife around us. It is important to us that we use our resources wisely to minimize our impact on the land. For this reason we strongly support renewable energy and have employed cutting-edge solar and geothermal technologies to offset much of our energy requirements. Many of our rooms and much of the lodge is heated and cooled by geo-exchange. We operate our own water filtration plant, which provides our guests with drinking water many times purer than most municipal water plants.

We keep it real

We believe in eating fresh and eating local. Our executive chef and culinary team collaborate with our onsite gardener to design a menu that is seasonally varied. In addition to growing our own garden and greenhouse produce, we strive to utilize as many locally and regionally sourced ingredients as possible.

Bold flavors

The more time between harvest and plate, the more flavor and nutrients are lost. Sorrel’s farm to table approach and our commitment to quality ensure that the foods we serve are fresh and delicious.