Every sunrise under our vast desert sky is an experience worth remembering

Iconic arches, towering cliffs, and a labyrinth of canyons. A visit to Sorrel and the postcard backdrops surrounding our Ranch is a journey of discovery – of beauty, dynamic adventure, and surprise at what awaits you behind the next canyon wall.

Amazing Landscapes

Seen from the air, the landscape around Sorrel River Ranch Resort and Spa looks like a sea of twisted, sun-worn sandstone formations and canyons, with a broad path carved by the Colorado River running north to south. Our Ranch is the only upscale Resort in the area, making it the ideal lodging option for discerning travelers who want to explore the majestic surroundings, while also appreciate the level of service that comes with our Four-Diamond standards.

Downtown Moab

Renowned as one of the best adventure towns in America, Moab is your one-stop headquarters for all things thrill seeking and excitement related. But even if chasing adrenaline rushes isn’t your preferred way of spending a vacation, a stroll down Moab’s surprisingly lively Main Street will enchant you with multiple galleries, gift shops, and local eateries.

Natural Parks

Utah is known for its beautiful National Parks, and a vacation at Sorrel River Ranch Resort and Spa gives you exclusive access to all the beauty these parks have to offer. Two of the area’s best parks – Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park – are located within an hour’s drive from our Resort. Explore the best sights on your own or through one of our guided tours.

National Park Excursions
Silver Screens

For the past 60 years, Hollywood has been immortalizing Moab and its surrounding scenic landscapes. Numerous classics, commercials, and music videos have been filmed in our area, from John Wayne Westerns like Rio Grande and The Comancheros to the more recent hits such as 127 Hours, After Earth and The Lone Ranger.

Films Made in the Area