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Climbing Sister Superior in Moab, Utah

Climbing enthusiasts are constantly travelling to Moab, UT to test themselves on some of the most spectacular climbs available. Many rock formations are peppered throughout the desert offering great challenges and amazing views. While there are certainly many to choose from, The Sister Superior formations are popular climbing favorites. If you are planning on travelling to Moab to climb Sister Superior, join us at Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa for luxurious accommodations and comforting amenities during your Moab climbing adventure.

The Sister Superior formations are located just minutes from Sorrel River Ranch making the resort an ideal place to stay for climbers. Reaching Sister Superior can sometimes be difficult. Climbers not familiar with the area may find it best to go with a climbing guide or at least another climber who does know the area. Be careful on your approach, the desert is covered by Cryptobiotic Soil Crust that should not be tampered with. Stay on established trails, sandstone or sandy washes so you do not disrupt this precious soil.

Upon reaching the formation you will notice the tall and slender appearance of Sister Superior. The steep, practically flat face immediately present a welcome challenge for climbers. The tallest peak is around 325 feet tall. This formation is made of sandstone coated in calcite. Climbers skilled enough to reach the top will have something to brag about for the rest of their lives.

Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa welcomes climbers who want to experience climbing the desert sandstone. The unique landscape around Sorrel River Ranch offers some of the best climbing including the Sister Superior formations. Contact Sorrel River Ranch to book your room or for more information about climbing in Moab.