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Biking in Moab – The Intrepid Trail System

The Intrepid Trail System came to life thanks to many public partnerships and private partnerships, and special thanks goes out to Intrepid Potash, Inc. The trail’s namesake provided $20,000 to aid trail building company, Trail Mix, and countless other volunteers and groups to build this incredible trail system in Dead Horse Point State Park. During your next stay at Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa, take the scenic drive out to Dead Horse Point State Park and take a ride on the Intrepid Trail System.

The Intrepid Trail system is made up of 3 trails that vary in length as well as difficulty. Less experienced riders, or those looking for a leisurely ride will want to try the Intrepid Loop. Intrepid is about a 1 mile loop and is the easiest of the 3, offering level terrain and amazing views of the Colorado River Canyon. The Great Pyramid Loop is about 4 miles and is going to require a little more exertion than Intrepid, but is still a moderate ride with stunning views of the Great Pyramid. Big Chief is certainly the longest ride of the 3 at about 9 miles. Big Chief serves up more bumpy sections and climbs as well as some slickrock riding.

After a long day of riding the trails, come relax and enjoy the comforting amenities of Sorrel River Ranch Reosrt & Spa. Enjoy any of our wonderful revitalizing spa treatments. If you are feeling sore, have a massage or stretch out with some yoga. Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa wants your vacation in Moab to be as exciting as it is comfortable. Contact Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa for more information about the resort, or about biking and other Moab adventures.