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Biking in Moab – The Family Friendly Rusty Spur Trail

There are plenty of Moab mountain biking trails and choosing which one to take is not always an easy decision. Determining your own skill level and the skill of others in your group can help narrow down the list of mountain biking trails to choose from. This series of blog posts about Biking in Moab from Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa will help you further narrow your list by providing more detail about these Moab mountain biking trails. The featured trail for this post is The Rusty Spur.

The Rusty Spur is one of the most family friendly Moab mountain biking trails. It is absolutely perfect for novice riders and younger children who are comfortable riding on their own. It is a little too rough for training wheels or a pull-along, but if you can ride on two wheels confidently this is a great dirt trail for you. It is also a great trail for experienced riders who want a leisurely ride with some splendid views. Guests at Sorrel River Ranch have had some great biking trips out to the Rusty Spur.

The Rusty Spur is a one and a half mile loop  of dirt road. While on the trail you will be riding along a wide ridge with various desert vegetation along the sides. Looking toward the west you can catch a glimpse of Moab’s Moenkopi formation where there is evidence of ancient near shore deposits and fossils. Above this are the majestic cliffs of Wingate sandstone. The trail banks and turns but the level of difficulty remains easy throughout the ride. Sorrel River Ranch recommends this Moab mountain biking trail for beginner s and families. If the group was able to handle the Rusty Spur with ease, you should check out the Lazy – EZ loop next.

Start planning your Moab mountain biking trip soon. If it is a family trip, don’t miss the ease and beauty of the Rusty Spur trail. Contact Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa to book your room, or for more Moab mountain biking information. Keep an eye out for more  Biking in Moab blog posts for Moab mountain bike trail information.