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Biking In Moab Series – The World Famous Slickrock Trail

Slickrock Trail in Moab, Utah is considered by bikers worldwide to be one of, if not the best biking trail in the world. Mountain bikers travel from all over the world to tackle this beast. While Moab’s mountain biking trails are plentiful, none are more popular than the Slickrock Trail. Stay with us at one of the best resorts in Moab, Sorrel River Ranch, and get ready for an incredible experience mountain biking in Moab.

Slickrock Trail in Moab is a 10.6 mile loop that rides over Navajo sandstone. Points of the trail provide stunning views of the Colorado River. While the trail is geared toward expert mountain bikers, intermediate riders should still be able to handle it. Some sections are very technical and intermediate and novice riders may want to hike instead.

The best way to ride this trail is on a mountain bike that has suspension in both front and back, but it’s not necessary. Standard mountain bikes will fare just fine but the ride won’t be as smooth. Some sections of the trail are smooth slickrock but others are rather bumpy so you will want to stop occasionally to check for any loose parts.

Slickrock trail is primed and ready to ride year round. Be sure you dress accordingly to the season and know what the forecast looks like before you venture out. Be sure you have plenty of water with you no matter what time of year it is.

True beginners may want to stick to the Practice Loop. The Practice Loop is a 2 mile section of the Slickrock Trail that offers a fairly easy ride. This is perfect for novice riders who want to say they “Rode the Slickrock Trail” without having to navigate the difficult sections.

No matter what your biking skill level, this world famous trail has something to offer. Join us at Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa for an amazing mountain biking adventure in Moab. Contact us to book your next trip, or to find more information about mountain biking in Moab.