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Base Jumping in Moab, Utah – Sorrel River Ranch Adventures

If you love base jumping, but have never been to Moab, start planning your trip now! The opportunities for base jumping in Moab, Utah are endless. This area of the country features countless buttes, mesas, cliffs and towers as well as some outstanding weather making it near perfect for jumping. If you are considering travelling to make your next jump, base jumping in Moab, Utah will not disappoint. Join us at our luxury resort in Moab, Sorrel River Ranch, and don’t miss out on this spectacular opportunity.

Moab is hands-down one of the best places in the world for base jumping. This area features hundreds of different base jumping avenues. The very best part may be that base jumping in Moab, Utah is legal from designated areas. Rock climbing in Moab has been popular for quite some time, but recently climbers have become more and more interested in jumping.

While Moab offers a few beginner exit points for base jumping, the majority fall under the intermediate or expert level. Experienced base jumpers will have a blast exploring the myriad cliffs and towers, and the extended canopy rides. Reaching the exit points require climbs on some of the most beautiful rock formations in the world. Many people who base jump in Moab talk about their climb as being one of the best parts about the adventure.

Moab Base Adventures is a company in Utah that will guide you to some of the best exit points in the area. They provide climbing gear and a wealth of knowledge about Moab. They are the only company in the world that does tandem base jumps. If you want to go base jumping in Moab, Moab Base Adventures are the people to contact.

When planning your trip to Moab, book your room at Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa. Our resort is where luxury meets adventure. Our Guest Experience Team can help you plan your base jumps as well as many other Moab adventures. Contact Sorrel River Ranch to book your room or to get more information about the area.